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KVI Medical 8-Step Execution

Throughout its 40 years of distinguished service, KVI Medical has fine-tuned its medical manufacturing process to ensure the utmost quality of its products and continued customer satisfaction. Our focus is to fulfill the needs of our valued customers, while adhering to high standards of quality assurance throughout our executional process. From concept to delivery, KVI Medical possesses four decades worth of engineering skills and knowledge to produce medical components RIGHT and ON TIME

Right the First Time

Medical component companies rely on experienced medical component manufacturers to react quickly and efficiently toward project requests. Vetting multiple suppliers throughout the medical component manufacturing process increases margin for error and inefficiencies at the customer’s expense. At KVI Medical, we eliminate these possibilities by operating as a one-stop shop, with the experience to assure consistency. From our precise prototypes to our sound production process, our efforts and expertise have resulted in improved surgical component performance, exceeding our customers’ expectations. We take the time to guarantee our products are dependable, based on the distinguished experience and knowledge of team. Our emphasis on quality and feasibility ensures our components are functional after first production.

Form, Fit, Function

At KVI Medical, we strive for precision. We produce components of the utmost complexity from our prototypes that can efficiently function within the human body. Our ability to provide medical engineering companies with the materials, services, and personnel to produce quality products, demonstrates that our team assures your medical component meets or exceeds your functional requirements the FIRST TIME.

A Medical Component Company with the Right Experience

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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“For the most demanding jobs, we always go to KVI.”

“I haven’t seen a job that is too complex for KVI.”

“They’re willing to take the time to figure things out, which always surprises me.”

“Your team produced by far the best set of cartridge housing’s we’ve seen. We have had numerous outside suppliers attempt this part, but none were able to produce such a well machined part.”

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