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At every step of our company process, KVI Medical’s focus on quality drives our success. We abide by our Proven Customer Process for all job requests, which yields consistent results that keep our customers satisfied. Our customers’ trust in KVI Medical’s problem solving skills, and ability to understand their needs, allows us to continually deliver engineering support of high quality. We possess the ability to meet your requests and requirements, plus develop solutions to resolve any obstacles. Our team of medical component manufacturing professionals provide the skills to help you achieve your goals, and ensure your invested time will yield reliable results.

Best in Class Performance

Our highly skilled craftsmen, with an average of 27 years industry experience, provide exceptional service and support to our customers. We take pride in our top level performance, unique applications, near zero tolerances, and ability to meet demanding deadlines without compromising quality.

Delivery: > 99% & Quality: >99.7%

Our precision and accuracy powers KVI Medical’s high success rates. We promise to assign the right engineer for your project and ensure quality control is guaranteed from start to finish. We deliver the best value possible, a result of our focus on quality and customer needs. Reliability is always at our core. No matter how demanding a job request, KVI Medical has the resources and aptitude to produce components of highest quality.

A Medical Component Company that is Reliable

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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“Their strength is accuracy.”

“With small precision parts, I really don’t know how KVI does it, but they do.”

“The customer service is great. I’ve given them so many orders …… It’s amazing”

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